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April is child abuse awareness month be a voice for the smallest warriors.


Don’t hurt anyone!!!
“It only takes a few seconds to hurt people you love,
and it can take years to heal.”
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The biggest myth about Child Abuse…..

The biggest myth is that the dangers to children come from strangers. In most cases the perpetrator is someone the parent or child knows, and is often trusted by the child and family.

Child abuse

What’s wrong with you don’t you know they look up to you?
This beautiful wonder you tried to destroy now filled with fear, no trust, no joy innocence gone- forever shattered you seem to think it never have been a part of the evil inside your heart.

We are here to help them cope heal the scares and give them hope transform the paint, that is so real and help them grow, so they can feel with Love & light we help them heal.

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Nunca maltrates a una mujer, recuerda que estas vivo gracias a una..!!!
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